This season’s shows are done! New work in the .. Works…

Hi Everybuddy,

It has been a super busy few months getting work done for two shows this winter. The Drawnonward show was another resounding success with a huge opening night crowd and lots of red dots on the walls. Bills will be paid and art supplies will be bought. We are now in the planning stages of a trip to NWT, with debates raging about where to go and how to get there. We are truly excited about getting into this part of Canada that we have yet to paint. Drawnonward’s 20th anniversary is looming large and we really want to do something special to celebrate, so keep an ear out for our shows in 2014 and 2015 (20 years!!!).

The Artist Project was another success with their biggest crowds yet (apologies to clients who came and waited in long drink lines on opening night), This was my 4th time participating and I have already signed up for next year’s show. 4 days of being around other artists and their wares is a wonderful experience. we tend to forget how large our community is and how many amazing artists there are around us who can inspire and engage us.

My new work will be a bit of a change for me in the sense that I have been doing very academic and fairly realistic painting for some years now, always paying attention to my inner voice who says ‘this is great but you should loosen up a bit soon’.

I am including some pics of my newest work which are all fairly small forest paintings which I will now start translating into much larger pieces. I can already see into my future, and there is a lot of bright chroma-rich colour coming out soon. My palette knife is my new best friend. Good bye brushes, we’ll see you next season.

Hope everyone is making it through these Feb-

blah days. Spring is just around the corner and will provide all the bright colours we need to awake from our sleepy winter slumber.

Best to all,


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