Lots in the hopper…

Well it has been quite a bit of time since I have updated my blog. So far I would not say that I am a rockstar blogger… It is a routine that so far has eluded me. I am determined to (through determination doncha know) perservere through my fits and starts and approach this as part of my weekly rituals… Of which I think I have very few, soooo.. Should be easy peasy.

My Son Wyn is now almost a year old and we are having so much fun with him around. He is quite a little light this guy, and there is no shortage of inspiration and creativity in the air. We are almost constantly in a state of renovation here too.. Just int he last week we have ripped out a wall and put in a new kitchen! Miles to go before we sleep though… More flooring is next….

I’ve got some exciting things happening painting wise this fall as well… Drawnonward will show our newest work in the Creemore Festival of the Arts from September 21 to 23, something we are very happy about as it will be our first show in the area in several years. Another Drawnonward event is only a week later in Toronto. This is the 3rd annual art show in support of ┬áthe Taylor Statten Camping Bursary Fund. Drawnonward and several other artists put on a great art show with music, food and drink to boot. A portion of the art sales go towards the bursary fund. It has really turned into a great event so come out if at all possible.

On top of the Drawnonward events, I am preparing for a quick trip to Newfoundland to get some ocean air in my lungs. It will be a quick visit but I am hoping to come back with some great reference for a series of urban St. John’s pieces I’ve had in my head for awhile… I hope to be showing again in St. John’s before too long.

Also I have got a piece placed in the Elgin Theatre during the TIFF madness.. They expect 30,000 people through the space during the festival so that is some great exposure to very wordly crowd. Rupert Young is behind that particular bit of canoodling. He has also secured me some wall space for a solo exhibit in November. Because of the suprise element to this outing, I will be showing a collection of paintings that I have show once or twice already, rather that all new work, which would be impossible before November. I think I’ll call it ‘Recollection’….

What else… My lovely and awesome wife photographer Sarah is in the Queen Street Art Crawl this coming weekend. She is doing such great stuff and I think people are going to love it.. Get out to Trinity Bellwoods park if you can and check it out.

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