4 new landscapes @ Roberts Gallery

Hi All,

This a quick post to share these new pieces that have just gone out the door to their new digs on Yonge St. over at Roberts Gallery, where you can find my work for reals from now on.

Hope everyone is having a decent winter experience. We, as a family are about to head off to the Dominican for week thanks to the massive generosity of certain Mother-In-Law that I know. Wow. Artists on a family vacation? A rarity, indeed. I ┬ácan only hope I don’t terrify too many Dominican citizens with my Canadian winter chicken legs…

Best for now,


#1. Just Another Beaver Valley Sunset, 10×8″, oil on masonite

#2. Escarpment Blues, 36×12″, oil on canvas

#3. Outside Markdale, 36×12″, oil on canvas

#4. Storm Clouds, Barn, 10×8″, oil on masonite


DSCN2307 (1)escarpment blues outside markdale storm clouds

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