2 Shows in September!

This piece and others in a suite of similar paintings will be shown at the Creemore Festival of the Arts from Sept. 21 to 23 along with the rest of Drawnonward’s new work. Then, on Sept. 27, Drawnonward in association with Evergreen Brickworks presents the annual Taylor Statten Camping Bursary Fund art show… Drawnonward and nearly thirty other artists in support of a good cause and a great night. Evergreen Brickworks 6 pm!

17th Annual Drawnonward Show


January 26 – February 12, 2012

‘Drawnonward’s 17th annual Exhibition of New Work’

Jeremy Down, Gord Kemp, Steve McDonald, Paul Mantrop, Chris Roberts, Rob Saley, David Marshak

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, January 26, 6 – 10PM

“This year’s offerings include work from numerous areas of Canada’s vast array of landscapes, including Algonquin Park, Baffin Island, Georgian Bay, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador and still more yet. These evenings have been become annual events that attract old and new followers of this long running collective of artists who are all now in their mid careers.  Their styles  and techniques have developed and diversified over the last 17 years so please come and see what these hard working and dedicated artists have been up to this past year.”

                                                                                    ~ ARTA GALLERY

Wyntre works

I’ve been slow to keep my blog updated but it has been a busy year on the ranch. My amazing wife Sarah and I have just had our first child. Born in October, Wyntre (Wyn) is a delicious bundle of new baby-ness and is happily keeping us busy. As wonderful as a few years of doing the ‘John Lennon in a bath robe being baby papa’ thang would be, the painting studio beckons.

So, here are  a few photos of the backyard studio Sarah and I built and some of the new works in progress that are coming to fruition inside its hallowed walls.

After going back to Greenland and Baffin Island in September Icebergs and panoramas are looming large in my compositions. New works will also include some very large depictions of Nova Scotia’s mossy forests and Alonquin Park’s famous Canoe Lake where big sky meets placid water. What a country to explore!

My next shows will be with DRAWNONWARD on January 26th at Arta Gallery in the distillery district and then the Artist Project in March in the old exhibition grounds in T.O.

Currently I have some new work on Display at Wayne Buckingham Fine Art on the main street of Uxbridge if you are in the mood for a nice country drive.

Hope everyone’s winter is off to a good start!

Back soon with more,


Canvas Gallery

Big Seas and Skies Takeover Canvas; the Latest from David Marshak

Canvas Gallery blog excerpt 
Two new beautiful oils just arrived from Toronto artist David Marshak.
David has a unique gift for capturing stormy skies and coasts that almost seem illuminated through the luscious, painted clouds. He’s had several successful solo shows in St. John’s and Toronto, and currently lives and paints in Cannington, Ontario.

Marshak, Macdonald & Saley at Arta Gallery


 D.Marshak, S. McDonald, R.Saley

David Marshak, Steve Mcdonald and Rob Saley have combined their newest studio works for a dynamic and varied exhibition of nature based painting and drawing.
Marshak’s large sweeping landscapes of Newfoundland and Arctic Labrador capture the grandeur and drama of Canada’s east coast in richly glazed oil paintings.
Saley’s new  paintings also depict scenes from the East and from the Arctic with a hallucinatory realism.  Also included in Rob’s new works are images of birds in flight set against brightly coloured abstract backgrounds.
Steve Mcdonald carries on his quest to push the boundaries of his drawings. His new works combine mediums with quirky and innovative results.
These three artists have shown together with the other members of Drawnonward for over 15 years and have travelled coast to coast in their pursuit of their artistic passion.Their newest works provide a mix of subject, style and medium that makes this show a must see for lovers of representational art.
Only THREE DAYS LEFT to check out this show at Arta Gallery in Toronto’s Distillery District. Marshak’s next scheduled show isn’t until 20112, so this may very well be your last chance to see his work this year!! If you do miss the show, contact David Marshak for a studio visit.
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